Value Proposition

At Wrays Ventures, we strive to deliver the highest standard of service possible to our clients. Working with Wrays Ventures will give you piece of mind as we showcase our expertise, experience and professionalism.


Exit expertise: IPO and trade sale – Wrays Ventures understands when to exit successfully within an appropriate time frame.

Early stage venture management expertise – There is extensive depth to our board and operational expertise.

Earliest development of IP strategy at first filing stage – With Wrays being experts in intellectual property, you can be sure your IP strategy will be thorough and well developed.




Fund Management – Our team has a proven track record in venture capital fund management.

Deal Flow – Wrays Ventures has a history of transactions with multiple universities, research institutes and personal networks. We also have a familiarity with tech transfer office deal requirements.

Early stage deal identification and structuring expertise – Our team has extensive experience in picking strong opportunities and structuring investments.


Transitional funding arrangements (co-investors) – Wrays Ventures has an understanding of Transitional funding arrangements and how to work with co-investors.